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Would re-articulate a lot of this because I interview terribly, but such is the medium.


"SEETHING LIKE SRIRACHA: 4 Steps to Successfully Navigating Your Asian American Identity Crisis"
Created/Performed by Sean Miura
(Tuesday Night Project, LTRoots, Ninjas for Social Justice, Team Ferosha, Family Bizness, Chaotic 3)

Mr. Hyphen Pageant 2013
April 27, 2013
Brava Theater

Vocal Recording/Mastering - Chris Hahn
Lighting Design - Brava Theater Staff
"Asian Song" Choreographed by Ninjas For Social Justice (Sean Miura, Alli Nakamura, and Naoya Ogura)

Dawen - Wake Up (Tuesday Night Project JTown Summer Sessions Live)
Bambu - Chairman Mao
Far East Movement - Where The Wild Things Are (Feat. Crystal Kay)
Chris Iijima - Asian Song

Video Recorded by Cory Jong

tbt that time I was relevant to things.

Giving up my crown this Saturday!


Anonymous asked:

I was at a Vietnamese restaurant with my boyfriend who is Vietnamese and he was like "I'll have phở" and the waitress was like "you mean pho sweetie." are you sure. you sure that's what he meant




For my friend’s birthday one year we went to a “learn how to make sushi!” thing in the next town over.

I used the back end of my chopsticks to bring fish to my plate (don’t spread germs, kids) and the White teacher interrupted her speech about wasabi or whatever to tell me that I was using my chopsticks backwards.

Shut that down real quick.

To the few older folks still concerned that my generation of Japanese and Asian Americans are not interested in preserving/building/working with what we have been handed by our parents, aunties, uncles, and communities at large particularly in regards to JTown/Little Tokyo,

There are many of us in the room, usually literally. If you do not know our names or think we do not know your stories, please introduce yourself and share a word or two. We still have much to learn. We are doing the best we can.

Thank you,

What if no one comes to the show

What if everyone comes to the show

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